Endpoint Traces

Endpoint Recording

The endpoint recording is only available for developer accounts and end user accounts that are activated as test user accounts.

Every agrirouter account includes a functionality to record communication on that account and specific for every endpoint. To record data, the user can start and stop the recorder in the agrirouter UI.

Endpoint Recording main view
Figure 1. Endpoint Recording main view
Endpoint Recording Overview
Figure 2. Endpoint Recording Overview
Start Recording of messages & commands
Figure 3. Start Recording of messages & commands

After recording started, the recording is displayed in the list of active records.

Recording View
Figure 4. Recording View

Recording can be stopped, downloaded or deleted.

Every account may store 10 recordings with a maximum size of 10 MB in total.

Replay of records

In a developer account, records can be uploaded additionally to the recording functionalities, which are available in both account types; end user and developer.

Endpoint recording in a developer account
Figure 5. Endpoint recording in a developer account

As a developer, you are able to replay recorded commands.