General Password policies

Passwords have a minimum length of 8 characters. They do not expire.

After 5 failed logons, the account will be locked for 1 hour.

End-User (Farmers, Contractors, Consultants)

The end-user has access to the graphical user interface of the agrirouter for end users.

The user interface offers possibilities to handle the account:

  • onboard new application instances (creating endpoints in their agrirouter account)

  • create groups of endpoints

  • connect an account with other agrirouter accounts to exchange data

  • setup routings to allow or disallow message delivery to specific endpoints or endpoint groups

  • create endpoint records for service purpose

  • view a list of news/updates for his account (e.g "account connected", "endpoint onboarded", etc.)

User Interface for End Users
Figure 1. User Interface for End Users

A specific help for handling of an end user account can be found in the agrirouter Academy.


A developer account has all the features of an end-user account.

There is only one developer account needed per company. Testing the app can and should be done from ordinary end user accounts.

Additionally, developers can manage their own applications:

  • Create new applications

  • Modify the information of the application like name, description or icon

  • Add new software versions for certification

  • Manage the required capabilities of the application

  • Block specific endpoints, e.g. to avoid abuse of applications

  • Replay Endpoint Records

  • Export metrics of agrirouter usage for billing and statistical purposes

User Interface for Developers
Figure 2. User Interface for Developers