Handling new versions and updates


Changing the software version of your app might require a change in agrirouter if you decide to add new technical message types.

When is a new certification version required?

agrirouter is not interested in any internal changes of your software. However, whenever the maximum capabilities of your software change, you’ll need to create a new version in the agrirouter UI and run a new certification.

What has to be done?

During development

  1. You have to create a new certification version in the agrirouter UI

  2. After testing, a certification has to be done

On deployment and after software update

After update, the app instance has to inform agrirouter about its new capabilities by sending its new capabilities including the ID of the new certification version (certificationVersionId).

Safe updates

When updating your software, the onboarding information received from onboarding must be stored so that it is not deleted during update.

If the data gets lost during update, your software can still perform the re-onboarding if you can reconstruct the uniqueID used in onboarding, but this might require user interaction.

To use new capabilities after a software update that includes a new CertificationVersionId, an updated capabilities-request using the new CertificationVersionId is required.