Endpoint Lifecycle

General lifecycle of an endpoint


Connecting your app instance


Farming Software and Telemetry Platforms have to perform an Authorization Process to clarify that the account user is known.


To communicate with the agrirouter, an application Instance needs to be onboarded. An application instance can be Re-onboarded.

Communicate with agrirouter endpoints

Building messages

To send a message, it has to be built first. Read here about building messages and commands.

List of possible message content:

Sending messages and commands

Every application instance can send messages and commands the same way.

While messages are meant to be forwarded to other endpoints, commands are used to explore the ecosystem, configure your endpoint and request messages from the feed.

Receiving messages and command answers

Command results and messages from other endpoints will be received through the outbox by the receiving application instance.

Messages from other endpoints are put into the outbox by push notifications as well as by requesting the feed content.

Analysing messages

Depending on the resultType, the result can be analysed.

End of life for an endpoint

When an endpoint shall be deleted, it can be Revoked.