Sending a Request

The message or command is sent to the agrirouter using a protocol dependent request to its agrirouter inbox.

General Prerequisites

Routings available

To send a message to another endpoint, there is an existing routing required. This also applies to published messages

New routings might take a few seconds to minutes to be activated.

Publishing only with available subscriptions

If you publish a message, it will only reach an endpoint if there is at least one subscribed endpoint.

Using MQTT

The endpoint address of the MQTT broker is delivered as host+port in the onboarding request. The inbox is the topic delivered with the "measures" attribute of the onboarding request.

To send a message, publish it. (Here, publish means the MQTT-Term, see

In general, the hosts should be as follows:

Area Environment URL


Quality Assurance



Using REST

Using REST, the message is sent as a single HTTP call using HTTPs and the endpoint certificates delivered with the onboarding Request.


To send messages to the agrirouter, the app has to perform a POST request sending a message included in a Request.

Messages and commands are sent to the inbox. The address of the inbox is returned with the onboarding request ("measures") and should look like this:

Method Address



As the communication works via https, the SSL Certificate information delivered with the onboarding Result is needed.

In most communication libraries, the developer just has to provide

  • the certificate, which is the public key,

  • the SSLKey, which is the private key

  • the password for the private key

Most libraries are than able to handle the communication.

For further information see the curl documentation on the parameters used for a communication. For curl_easy_setopt(:




The header of the HTTP Request for the REST implementation also requires

Content-Type: "application/json"


Content-Type: "application/x-protobuf"

Regardless which Content-Type you use, make sure that your implementation includes "application/json" in the "accept"-Parameter of the HTTP Call.

The Inbox of agrirouter is not able to return protobuf and will return a status of 4xx if it can’t find json in the accepted responses.


The body consists of the message package that was created in the previous paragraphs.

Receiving a Response

HTTP Messages always get confirmed by the agrirouter. For the HTTP REST Gateway, the agrirouter will simply send a HTTP Status between 200 and 299. For MQTT, there will not be any response.


The Header has a HTTP Status between 200 and 299.


The Body of the response is empty.

The result code of this simply informs you if the endpoint was reachable and if the inbox was able to forward the message