Managing application endpoints as app provider

The developer account offers several functionalities to manage the app providers apps.

Blocking specific Endpoints

To avoid abuse of data packages, an app provider can block a specific endpoint in the agrirouter UI. This endpoint is not able to communicate with agrirouter anymore until the blocking is removed.

UI to manage blocked endpoints in developer account
Figure 1. UI to manage blocked endpoints in developer account

Blocking several or all Instances of Certified Application

The agrirouter provides a mechanism to prevent all or specific instances of an application to send and receive commands. To achieve a blocking of all instances, the agrirouter administrator has the option to change the certification status of an application version from Approved to Blocked.

Every app provider can block specific instances of an application in the list of blocked endpoints. This can be used to disallow endpoints to communicate with the agrirouter, e.g. to avoid the app from creating further traffic.

When instances of blocked applications communicate with the agrirouter in order to send or retrieve commands, or to invoke other agrirouter functionalities, the agrirouter will respond with an error message, indicating that the instance is not allowed to use agrirouter functionality because of different reasons (payment not successful, certificate not valid, etc.).

The Blocking status can be changed by the agrirouter administrator to

  • either Approved to allow all application instances to communicate again,

  • or to Rejected as final status.