shp:shape:zip - Shape


This format is used to exchange application maps as a zip file, metadata like the filename can be forwarded using the metadata element in the request.

Shape files in agrirouter refer to the de-facto standard for geo-referenced information, created by ESRI. The full specification document can currently be found on the ESRI website.

There are numerous libraries for different languages to handle reading and writing of this file format.




Protobuf Schema





The zip file data has to be transferred in a Base64 representation of its binary data. If the (base64 encoded) file size exceeds the maximum size of a message, it has to be chunked. Each chunk needs to be a valid base64 string, which requires base64 encoding after splitting the binary data into chunks.

The base64-encoding of the binary chunk/file data is not the same as the base64 encoding of the message. It is an additional step!