3. Interface Integration in Quality Assurance

Before we begin

Before starting with the integration, it’s important to understand the basic concepts of agrirouter.

Each agrirouter account has a limited number of endpoints, see here.

General process of integration in QA

process integration qa v2

3.1 Create developer account

To start the development, you will need to create a developer account.

3.2 Register & Submit your solution

For communication with agrirouter, you need to setup an application in the Quality assurance environment.

3.3 Waiting for approval by the support team

Whenever you create a new application version, the agrirouter support team will have to approve this application. Please send an email to [email protected] including the application Id and the certification version ID to request confirmation. Find out where to find them here.

3.4 Contact certification company

Every app needs to be certified to communicate with the agrirouter. Further information can be found here.

Once you know, which kind of application you want to create, you should get in contact with one of the certification companies to clarify, which specific requirements you will have to fulfil to pass the certification. This will help you to adapt your implementation for the certification and add all requirements for certification.

Make sure to have all prerequists available.

3.5 Integrate interface in your solution

The following chapters describe all requirements to integrate an application with agrirouter.

Before we begin

First, you should always keep in mind the General conventions.

There are several environments for test and production in different areas of the world. Their different parameters like URLs and certificates can be found in the Environments.

General lifecycle of an endpoint


Connecting your app instance


Farming Software and Telemetry Platforms have to perform an Authorization Process to clarify that the account user is known.


To communicate with the agrirouter, an application Instance needs to be onboarded. An application instance can be Re-onboarded.

Communicate with agrirouter endpoints

Building messages

To send a message, it has to be built first. Read here about building messages and commands.

List of possible message content:

Sending messages and commands

Every application instance can send messages and commands the same way.

While messages are meant to be forwarded to other endpoints, commands are used to explore the ecosystem, configure your endpoint and request messages from the feed.

Receiving messages and command answers

Command results and messages from other endpoints will be received through the outbox by the receiving application instance.

Messages from other endpoints are put into the outbox by push notifications as well as by requesting the feed content.

Analysing messages

Depending on the resultType, the result can be analysed.

End of life for an endpoint

When an endpoint shall be deleted, it can be Revoked.

3.6 Test Interface and messaging

In status Approved for Testing, application developers can add other accounts for testing their application. If a certification version is in status Approved for Testing, instances with this certification version can be onboarded in these test accounts and an external test can be started. The developers account automatically is an end-user account that is a test account. This means that a developer can onboard an endpoint in his account.

As the application currently only communicates with the agrirouter Quality assurance environment, it cannot be onboarded in the Production environment. See Integration in Production for those further steps.

How to proceed

Once you finished the tests and see your app ready to be published, you can proceed with the integration in the productive environment.